Classical Music from Africa and the African Diaspora

Famous Black Composers

Music by Black Composers

  • Inspiring Black students to begin and continue instrumental training.
  • Making the music of Black composers available to everyone.
  • Helping to change the face of classical music through greater diversity.

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Nine new or updated MBC repertoire volumes:

  • Updated: MBC Violin Volume 1a, 1b, and Piano Accompaniment
  • NEW!: MBC Violin Volume 2, Piano Accompaniment, and 2nd Violin Accompaniment; MBC Violin Volume 3, Piano Accompaniment, and 2nd Violin Accompaniment

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Music by Black Composers (MBC) was founded in 2001 as a project of the Rachel Barton Pine Foundation, a long-standing, anti-racist organization in classical music. MBC’s mission is to help rectify historic and ongoing racial injustices in the classical music sphere.

Together with our nation, we grieve with the family of George Floyd, and all those in the Black community who suffer at the hand of racial injustice.

We also stand in solidarity with those courageously demonstrating on behalf of justice and social reform in our country.

and, as always,

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“As a violin instructor, I would find the anthology especially helpful for motivating my young minority students with the knowledge that there is a history that is relevant to them in relation to classical music.”
Terrance Gray, Associate Conductor, Chicago Youth Symphony Orchestras
“This is extremely important work … There have been many occasions in my professional life when I’ve wished that a resource such as the one you’ve started had existed … I am a huge supporter of this project.”
Lee Koonce, President & Artistic Director, Gateways Music Festival, Eastman School of Music
“All I can say is, hurry up, we need this NOW!”
Dr. Tanya L. Carey, Past President, Suzuki Association of the Americas
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