Illinois Students Participate in a Black Composers Recital and Contest

Piano teacher Kathleen Payette of Mundelein, IL organized a spectacular composers contest for her students!

Kathleen Payette's piano studio

Using MBC’s coloring book, timeline poster, and online discography, Ms. Payette designed an educational contest that took place on June 15, 2019.

Students and families identified pictures of composers, identified musical excerpts, identified musical periods of the composers and pieces, learned other historical facts, and generally expanded their knowledge of classical music repertoire for playing and listening!

Thank you Ms. Payette, students, and families! We love to see you learning about these composers, your enthusiasm for this music, and your ingenuity in using MBC’s resources in new and exciting ways!

(all images used with permission)

Piano teacher Kathleen Payette reads MBC materials to her studio


Kathleen Payette's student applies a composer's photo to a presentation board


Kathleen Payette's studio completes handouts about Black composers


Kathleen Payette's studio uses MBC's coloring book


Kathleen Payette's studio uses MBC's poster