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Living Composers Directory

Music by Black Composers (MBC) is dedicated to helping to bring greater diversity to the ranks of classical music performers, composers, and audiences by making the music of Black composers available to everyone. MBC’s Living Composers Directory is designed for those seeking to commission; for performers, conductors, and concert programmers seeking existing music; and for other researchers and scholars of contemporary classical music.

This directory is an on-going work in progress—as of today we list 358 composers! Please let us know if you have additional information about these composers, or if you know (or are!) a composer who is not on this list and should be!

For historic and recently deceased composers, please see MBC’s Historic Composers Directory.

If we’ve indicated anyone’s gender identity incorrectly, please correct us! MBC is committed to accurately and respectfully recognizing transgender, non-binary, and other gender identities according to the wishes of the individuals listed here.

To search for living composers by more specific location (city, territory, state, country), please check the database created by the Institute for Composer Diversity.

An “X” in the “MBC Poster” or “MBC Coloring Book” columns indicates the composers who appear in those publications. (Black Classical Composers Timeline Poster and Coloring Book of Black Composers)

If you are on this list and would prefer not to be for any reason, please also let us know.

To use the directory, click the “+” sign next to a composer’s name to reveal more useful information. Sort by column, or search for specific content using the search tool at the top.

Current count: 358 composers

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