Classical Music from Africa and the African Diaspora

Violin Volume 1 Recordings

Use the recordings below to help you learn the music in MBC Violin Volume 1!

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Audio Recordings

You can stream an audio example of violinist Rachel Barton Pine performing each piece, accompanied by Matthew Hagle on piano. There are also tracks of each piece featuring the piano alone, giving students the opportunity to play along with the accompaniment.

Piano and Violin

Piano Only

Video Recordings

These videos, featuring violinists Adé Williams and Clayton Penrose-Whitmore with pianist Milana Pavchinskaya, will inspire students as they see and hear talented young artists playing this music onstage. You can watch these by clicking a video below, or you can watch the playlist on YouTube.

Learning Advice Videos

Rachel Barton Pine and her daughter Sylvia discuss and demonstrate pieces from MBC’s Violin Volume 1, offering advice for teachers and students.

MBC Violin 1-1, Ogungbe – “Feeling the Pulse”

MBC Violin 1-2, Sancho – “Les Contes Des Fées”

MBC Violin 1-3, Sancho – “Le Vieux Garçon”


Other Videos

Playlist of others performing music from MBC’s Violin Volume 1

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